Shamanism in the deep of the forest

1 day Workshop in Nature Shamanism in Denmark
In Danish and Swedish

Saturday the 22 nd of April 2017

”If you take an ordinary man from our culture and place him in the middle of the Amazon jungle, totally isolated from other people, he will slowly turn into a wild animal. If you take someone who practices nature shamanism and place him in the same place, the wild animals will slowly turn into human beings”!
* * * * John Russell-Møller

Nature shamanism is primarily about developing a spiritual relationship with nature. The purpose is to learn to live more and more in accordance with our own nature, others nature and all of nature - and les and les in disaccord with our own nature, others nature and all of nature.

There are two sources of spiritual power - nature and the dream world. The dream world is really a part of nature. It is the spirits who live in nature and in the dream world who facilitate the power, and that is why it is important to learn how to get to know the spirits and collaborate with them. The more powerful a person you are, the more powerfully you can live your life. It is the same power you use, if you want to work with shamanic healing. The more spiritual raw-power you have, the stronger healing you can do.

Shamanic spiritual power is just as much an ability “courage” you develop – as it is a fuel “petrol/gasoline” you put in your tank. The soul does not get more ”horsepower” because you fill more ”fuel” on it. Power is both performance (number of horsepower) and endurance (quantity of fuel). There are also different kinds of spiritual power. Spiritual “petrol/gasoline” releases spiritual CO2 and causes pollution. It poisons the souls of humans, animals and plants – and destroys the earth's spiritual ozone layer. Spiritual “ethanol” almost doesn't pollute. Shamanic spirit power is a big subject.

On the workshop you will learn how you can contact the plants, and how you can get a spiritual relationship with them. It is the same technique one uses to relate to the animals and spirit animals, the stones and spirit stones - and everyone else.

The first hour I will talk about the principles and techniques - and afterwards there will be an exercise in trance walking in nature.

After the exercise we will have a lunch break.

In the afternoon I will talk about the dream world, and we will do an exercise where you will learn to trance journey to the dream world, to get in touch with the spirits who live there. You get 4 CDs (in Danish or Swedish), so you can practise at home.

Venue: Grib Skov north of Copenhagen
Time: 9 am till 5 pm
Price: 700 DKK (95 €)
Contact: John Russell-Møller
Mobile phone Denmark +4523652909 *e Mobile phone Sweden +45702478046 * E-mail

You must bring your own food - a mug and 1½ litre of water. I will bring tea, coffee and sugar and a large nylon lavvu (tent), so we can get shelter if the weather gets bad

Please wear practical clothes. Bring an extra sweater and rain clothes. Bring something to sit on.

”Jaettestue” in Grib Skov (Grib forest) that our 
Danish forefathers made 5.000 years ago