Shamanic Healing – what is it about?

© John Russell -Mψller 2010

The purpose of shamanic healing is to create and maintain a natural harmony and balance in people.

It is natural – to be a powerful and soulful person spiritually, psychologically, mentally and physically.

It is natural – to feel whole and complete.

It is natural – to have clear head and feel lightness in your body.

It is natural – to have a good love-competence and fairness-competence.

It is natural – to have strong integrity and strong borders.

It is natural – to seep well, eat healthy and exercise.

It is natural – to be in touch with your conscience, your inner spiritual voice.

It is natural – to function well amongst other people, and feel good in your own company, when you are alone.

It is natural – to have a good sense of humour, to laugh and play.

It is natural – to be responsible.

It is natural – to feel at home in your body and your life on this earth.

It is natural – to perceive everything in the world as alive, soulful and sacred.

The purpose of shamanic healing is to help people be better at living more in accord with their own true nature, others nature and all of Nature – and live less in disaccord with their own true nature, others nature and all of Nature.

Shamans practise various healing ceremonies (treatments), which serve the purpose of helping people achieve the tings that mentioned in the above.


Like the body can suffer from infections, deficiency illnesses and physical injuries – the soul can suffer from intrusions, deficiencies and injuries.

When the shaman speaks with the spirits on behalf of a person or group of persons (clairvoyance), you might say there, in a sense, also is a kind of healing going on; healing of peoples lack of information, lack of inspiration, lack of hope etc.

When the shaman is conversing with the spirits, the client is a passive spectator to what is going on; and when the shaman is doing a healing of intrusions, deficiencies or injuries to the soul, the patient must participate actively in her/his own healing process.

With spirit conversations you usually meet with the shaman only once. Healings are usually longer processes, where you meet with the shaman a number of times i.e. once a week for 4 to 8 weeks.


When the shaman works he (or she) brings him self into a state of trance and contacts the spirits. The shaman sometimes uses a drum or rattle to help him enter the trance. It may also be, that the shaman sings or dances him self into the trance. There are many ways of doing it.
When the shaman has invoked the spirits he speaks with them and asks them to help with the healing. It is actually the spirits who do most of the healing work. Therefore it is important for the shaman to have many spirit helpers.

In the state of trance the shaman may fly into people and discover what is there. He flies to the world of the dead and speaks with foremothers and forefathers, and may ask them for wisdom and magical powers to use for the healing.
The shaman trance journeys to the past and the future, and every corner of the worlds.
The shaman talks with the plants to learn how they can help – after witch he manufactures the plant 'spirit-medicine' that is needed.
Occasionally, the shaman speaks aloud during the trance and tells about where he is flying, who is meeting and what is happening. Sometimes the client must also be in a state of trance. If this is required, the shaman must teach the client how to do this.

The shamanic healings serve the purpose of removing evil spirits, curses, possessions and other negative powers – and to acquire things people may lack i.e. totem animals, lost soul parts and wisdom, so you can live more in accordance with your own true nature – and live naturally. Free and strong!

In our culture a shamanic trance healing usually takes 1 to 2 hours.