When the shaman dreams

© John Russell-M๘ller 2009

Occasionally I dream a dream for someone. This is what happens.

First I must talk to the person who needs the dream.
Next I must explain to the dream-seeker, about the dream-needer's situation.
Then the dream-seeker must now go to the dream-mother, who is to give birth to the dream.
The dream-mother must find a suitable partner, who can farther the dream.
The dream-mother is now pregnant for some time, and when the dream has received life, she is born out of the dream-mothers womb. Then the dream-mother must raise the dream, so she can behave appropriately in the culture she is to function in.
Now the dream-seeker can bring the dream to the dreamer (me), who must be in a particular type of trance, when I receive the dream. The dreamer must be awake while he is asleep, so he can see the dream, while she is being dreamt.
Then I write down the dream and send it to the dream-needer.


Now the dream-needer calls and says she can't understand the dream.
I try to help her understand, why the dream is not supposed to be 'understood' – and she can't understand that either.
I then try to explain to the dream-needer, that the dream is inspiration and not information – the dream is a gift to the heart and not a message to the brain. The dream-needer now gets disappointed. (She is already disappointed, because the process has taken 3 weeks so far).
I now try a more figurative approach. 'You want me to give you a flower – but I have planted a seed in your heart, and if you cultivate the seed with love and care, it will grow and become a flower. So, you get your flower, but it takes a while. You get your information – but it will come from your heart and not from me!'
If I am lucky, the dream-needer says: 'Oh. Like that!' And she now tries to hide her disappointment.
If I am even more lucky, the dream-needer, after a while, says: 'Aha! Maybe involving my heart more in my everyday life, isn't such a bad idea? Hmmmm!'
The dream-needer reluctantly accepts, she must arm herself with patience, and wait and see what happens – and we terminate our conversation.
Four months later she has her miracle – witch she does not relate to the dream at all.

Everything worked out perfectly!