Udvinding af plantekraft

Manufacturing plant-power

Course in nature shamanic soul retrieval and exorcism
- including manufacturing and use of plant spirit medicine

(Taught in Danish and Swedish)

29th – 30th of April 2017

Grib Skov forest near Copenhagen - Denmark

The course is intended for people who have attended a one day workshop in nature shamanism or with equivalent background. Four teaching CDs have been made for the courses. Curriculum for the one day workshop on the 17th of April is CD No 1 and 2. Curriculum for this course is CD No 3 and 4. You can read the texts in Danish and Swedish on my website under Articles.
The courses are an introduction to the four CDs. The purpose of the CDs is, that you can continue working at home with what you have learned on the course. In fact, it is the CDs which are the actual course.

The first day of the course is about nature shamanic soul retrieval. We go through CD No. 3 and work both with the underlying principles and the practical soul retrieval exercise.

You may lose some soul or an entire soul. In many shamanic traditions people talk about man having several souls. In the Altai region in southern Siberia the kam (kam = local shaman) say, that man has three souls. In the Pacific there are some places they talk about man having seven souls. In the tradition I belong to, we say that a person preferably should have at least four souls, but it is possible to have more. In the modern Western world, it man is considered to have only one soul. From a shamanic point of view there is no contradiction between the different perceptions, but I will explain that during the course.

If you are missing some soul, it can feel as though you are not “complete”-ly yourself. You may feel a void inside of you - like a hole in the stomach. Sometimes people try to fill the hole in the stomach with food, or with nicotine or sex, etc. - but to no avail. Before long, you feel the "yearning" inside again. It can feel like a craving for something you can not really put into words. The desire to feel "whole" and "complete" may draw one's resources away from other important things in one's life. You may have difficulty concentrating - as if you are in a bit of trance.
Shamanic soul retrieval is about bringing the soul that is missing back to the person who has lost it, so he can become more complete. More himself. The colours in life become clearer. You can breathe freer.

In modern shamanism you use a one-soul system. It is said the soul can become fragmented like a jigsaw puzzle, and that you can lose one of the soul fragments - as one can lose a piece of one's puzzle. You lose touch with a part of yourself.

In my tradition, we use a four-soul system. We say that you can lose a part of one of your souls, or you can lose all of a soul. Thus, it becomes important to find out witch one of the souls that is missing, or has some part of it missing. Diagnosis is therefore more complicated. We use both a puzzle model, where we compare the soul with a jigsaw puzzle that can lose a piece; and we use a fluid model where we compare the souls with a number of liquids that are mixed together in a container; and we use a gas model where the souls are compared with a number of gases, which float freely inside each other in space; and we use an energy model in which the souls are compared with various forms of electricity. One may talk about one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three dimensional and four-dimensional shamanic healing.

In this course we will work with the difference between doing soul retrieval after a one-soul model and a multiple-soul model - and the difference between doing soul retrieval practising one dimensional and multidimensional shamanism.
In modern one-dimensional shamanism, the lost soul part is seen as a physical version of the client, as she looked when she lost the soul piece. In multi-dimensional shamanism, not only the lost soul parts that have physical dimension are seen, but also the lost soul parts that have liquid dimension, the lost soul parts that have gas dimension, and the soul parts that have electric or magnetic dimension.

In nature shamanism plant spirit-power is always used in connection with the healings. In fact, most of the healing is done by the plant healing-spirits.
In this course we will work with the manufacturing and use of plant spirit-medicine. We'll make incense, fusions, ash etc. and explore the various plant-spirits healing powers.

When the preparations are made, everyone will perform the soul retrieval exercise, which is on CD No 3.


The second day of the course is about nature shamanic exorcism. We go through CD No. 4 and discuss principles and practices. The first three CDs are in fact a prelude to this fourth and last CD. In my shamanism, to remove evil spirits from people is the most important part of the healing work.
One consequence of this is, that one must learn to work the warrior shamanic way. Warrior Shamanism is something that lies very closely to my heart.

It is the general view in all traditional shamanism around the world, that man can become possessed by evil spirits. Amongst indigenous peoples there is a broad consensus that the vast majority of man's soul problems are caused by evil spirits, and that relatively few of man's difficulties are caused by deficiencies - such as soul loss.
When you read books written by ethnographers and anthropologists about shamans in various nature-societies, it is evident, that most of the work done by the local shaman is some kind of expelling of evil spirits – meaning exorcism.
Of course, the shaman also hunts for a person's soul when this it is needed. Often it is an evil spirit who has stolen the soul, so in connection with soul retrieval, it is often necessary to fight against one or more evil spirits.

Combating the evil spirits is the greatest and most important part of the shaman's work.

There are different kinds of possessions and intrusions.
It may be that a deceased person's soul has entered a living person's soul. You then have another person inside of you that creates havoc in your life.
It may also be that some soul from a living person enters into another living person. The other person then has a part of the first person in his soul.
You can also become possessed by someone else's thoughts. There are some people who call this kind of ting for - negative energies.
You can also be exposed to evil spirits in the form of black magic, curses, the evil eye etc. – that is to say, things are done to you deliberately by another person, often for a fee.
Finally there are the "demonic" possessions witch are the most serious. For example, there is the gambling-devil, that turns people into ludomaniacs and make them act destructively and self-destructive often against their own will. Usually this type of possession results in a total degradation of the person mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

We continue the work manufacturing and using plant spirit-medicine. We explore the plant-spirit's warrior properties and start building a shamanic army of spiritual warriors and allies to fight against the evil spirits, we want to free people from.

When treating possessions and intrusions shamanically it does not suffice to use modern "psychotherapeutic" shamanism, it is absolutely necessary with old-fashioned "magic" shamanism – all be it, both have their merits.

Venue: Grib Skov forest north of Copenhagen
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM both days
Price: 1,500 Danish kroner per. participant
Deposit: 500 Danish kroner
Number of participants: Max. 6

Registration and deposit no later than: 1 st of April 2017

Contact: John Russell-Møller
Mobile in Denmark: +4523652909
Mobile in Sweden: +46702478046

Shamansk åndemedicin

Shamanic plant-power pharmacy