Shamanic Wilderness Course for women in Sápmi/Lapland

16 th - 22 nd of July 2017

Advanced course

One week shamanic course in the mountain wilderness in Artic Sápmi (Lapland) - Northern Scandinavia.
Taught in Danish/Swedish/Norwegian and English simultaneously.

The course starts and ends in Jänkänalusta 20 km from Kiruna in Sweden. You arrive on a Sunday and leave the following Saturday. There is room for 6 participants.

In the summer I live in a guest hut in Jänkänalusta with Peter and Eva Armstrand who run Team Fourbears, and this is the starting point for all my shamanic wilderness activities.
There is a 6 kilometer hike up to my shamanic wilderness camp above the tree line on a local hill, and you climb 200 meters. The terrain is difficult, so you must be in good physical condition. From the camp there is a beautiful view of Lake Kaalasjärvi, and from the end of the ridge there is a magnificent view of the Kebnekaise Mountains in the distance.
We walk up to the camp Sunday evening (it is light all night), and we return to Jänkänalusta Friday afternoon and can use the facilities in Peter and Eva's house. In the camp there is a lávvu, tents, kitchen, and everything we need.
You must carry your own stuff and some of the food, approx. 3 kilos. You can leave the stuff you don't need on the course in my hut.

The course is a shamanic field expedition, where we make a spiritual discovery-journey into the mysteries and magic of nature. We will work with shamanic trance work i.e. trance-walking in nature. To walk in nature while you are in a shamanic trance makes it possible to learn to see, speak and collaborate, with the spirits who live there.

You will learn about shamanic healing principals and techniques – such as treatment of power loss, soul loss and possessions on an advanced level. In connection with soul retrieval we will talk about: side effects, complications, counter indications, healing resistance, soul-part rejection, and prevention against new soul-loss. You will be introduces to: one, two, three and four dimensional shamanic healing. You learn about shamanic soul care – to keep the soul healthy and strong.

You can learn to speak and collaborate with the plants, stones and animals – for the benefit of yourself and others. The purpose is, that you learn to access spirit power, wisdom, healing and knowledge from nature; as we humans have done from the beginning of time, and nature-people still do. In collaboration with nature you may discover your own true nature.
You can learn about the manufacturing and use of shamanic plant 'spirit medicine'. You can learn to make incense, essences, extracts and ash; and explore the plants emotion power, thought power, dream power and shadow power. In nature shamanism shamanic alchemy, and the manufacturing and use of 'spirit medicine', is an important part of the shamanic healing work.
You can also learn to read omens in nature, and about their meaning for you and your fate – and the fate of others.
I will also talk about the mountain wilderness history, geology, fauna and flora.

In the evening we will work with trance journeys to the dream world (spirit world). You can learn to speak with your own, and other peoples dreams, and the people who occur in the dreams. You learn how you can explore the stone's, plant's and wind's dreams – and the spirit's dreams (and the dream's dreams). In the dream world, we can encounter totem and power animals, deceased persons, medicine plants, and many other spirit people, we can collaborate with in various ways. When we trance-walk in nature, we can invoke the dream-people, so they come into our world. The dreams are some our most important friends and guides. It is important to learn about the dreams nature and the dream world's nature (spirit world's nature).
In the evening, it is possible John will tell some of his shamanic tall stories from the real life?


We can make a camp fire and burn our tongues on hot coffee and bake pancakes. Even though the midnight sun is under the horizon for a couple of hours, it is light all night. The air is clean and crisp, and the stillness can be deafening.
If the rain or wind comes to visit, we can give them a cup of coffee as well. If we are hospitable to them, they will be hospitable to us.
There will be time for fun and socializing. We drink lots of coffee and tea, and we can share our goodies with each other.

I have made a mini course in nature shamanism on 4 CDs. You can listen to the MP3 files in Danish or Swedish on my web site. The texts are also there, and you can try to do a Google translation into your own language. CDs

You must have previous experience with shamanism. The course is primarily for people who work with shamanism. You must have taken at least a basic course in shamanism and learned to drum journey and have contact with a spirit helper (animal, plant, forefarther, foremother, tupilak etc.).

This course is also meant to be a course in how to make your way in the wilderness. You can learn to read a map and use a compass and GPS navigator. You can learn about equipment and cooking – and how you react psychologically to being totally isolated from civilisation. I have 40 years arctic wilderness experience.
It is my hope you will come to feel confident about making your own shamanic wilderness hikes in the future. Read about how you became an angakkoq shaman in Greenland in the old days. The story about Missuarniannga.

To practise shamanism on nature's terms can by very different from practising shamanism on civilization's terms.

Date: 16 th - 22 nd of July 2017
Venue: Sápmi (Lapland) - Northern Scandinavia. Near Kiruna - Sweden

Price: 5.000 DKK 680 € 570 £ (gbp) incl. food.
On registration pay 1.000 DKK 100 € 100 £.
Remaining payment no later than 1 st of June 2017

Participants: 6 women

Contakt: John Russell-Møller
Mobile phone Denmark +4523652909
Mobile phone Sweden +46702478046

The house in Jänkänalusta

"The world is not made of atoms
– the world is made of stories"!