Snow owl


The shaman creates and sustains balance and harmony in life by doing shamanistic healing, counseling, rituals and ceremonies in collaboration with the spirits . He gives his soul wings so it may fly away to distant places, other worlds, and into the souls of other people where the shaman can meet their dreams, shadows and fate. He gives spiritual guidance to his people and teaches them to live in accordance with nature – not least their own nature. He creates contact between the humans and the spirits such as totem animals and forefathers and foremothers. He heals people's spiritual illnesses including spirisomatic and spiripsychological illnesses, and he pursues soul that a person has lost and brings it back – all so that the individual may have better access to spiritual power and strength. It is important to be a spiritually powerfull person. The more power you have, the more usefull you can be to your self, your family and your people. To be a usefull person is a fundamental principal in shamanic spirituality. The shaman teaches people to contact the spirits and collaborate with them.
The shaman brings himself into a trance and opens his many eyes so he can 'see' what goes on in the most distant corners of the worlds. He tells old tales and creates new myths. The shaman interprets the omens in nature and tosses his reindeer teeth, or whatever he tosses, and conveys what messages they have.

The shaman helps people see their demons, and helps them gather strength to defeat them. It is not only the bad energies that must be removed – it is the spirits that make the bad power that must be overcome. Together with his army of spirit allies he provokes and confronts the evil spirits and combats them. The shaman helps people to be freed from curses and spells, witch have been cast upon them. The shaman is a sly strategist and a vicious enemy. The shaman does not trust a warrior without scars, and a true shaman carries many scars on his own body and soul – of witch he is proud.


The shaman takes people vision questing in nature so they may find their vision and mission in life. They sit on mountains, in forests, by waters, and on open plains in search of the spiritual experience. He gives new life to the living – and to the dead. The shaman seals man's and woman's unification with each other, and cares for the arrival of the children into this world and their transition into adulthood – and the departure of the dead to the next world. The shaman talks to the animals, plants, stars and spirits – weather or not they belong amongst us or in one of the worlds beyond ours. He consults with the dead and the unborn - the past and the future.

As nature religion priest the shaman helps people to see everything in nature as alive and holy. He teaches people how they can live life in unity with the spirits like foremothers, forefathers, totem animals, nature spirits and dreamworld spirits – for the benefit of all parties. The spirits facilitate power, healing, wisdom and inspiration to they who collaborate with them. “People do what 'they believe' gives the best payoff!” Therefore, it is very important what 'we believe'. Nature religion is an orthopractic religion; there is no worship of some god or other.
You should own your own soul, and let others do the same.

The shaman gathers plants in nature that he talks with and uses to manufacture 'medicine', witch he uses to treat people's spiritual diseases. He explores the plant's emotion power, thought power, dream power, and shadow power – and makes incense, fusions, essences, and ashes. With drum, rattle, stone and feather, he heals people and sings and dances new wisdom into their soul.

The nature shaman is spirit invoker, medicine man, healer and nature religion priest.


Nature religion ceremony for two young Sámi women in Sápmi (Lapland).


During a vision in October of 1989, John Russell -Mřller (born 1946) was apprenticed to be a Danish aandemaner (sorcerer/shaman) by two spirit aandemaners, and they have been his mentors ever since. After 7 years of training with physical and spirit teachers, he was asked by his mentors to start a shamanic summer camp on a mountain in the wilderness in Sápmi (Lapland), in northern Scandinavia – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. John made a covenant with the spirits to do so 3 months every summer for 10 years and ran the camp from 1996 until 2005. For those 10 years the camp served as a shamanic practice; 'hospital'; and teaching circle. John was alone the most af the time. During these 10 years, John was taught aandemaner art (shamanism) by nature. His teachers were the Ravens, Eagles, Mice, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Lynxes, Winds, Snows, Sun, Buttercups, Junipers, Clouds, Stars, Northern Lights, deceased humans and animals - and many many other neighbours. Because of this experience, John calls what he does for nature shamanism and himself for a nature shaman. Each summer had a new curriculum, and the following 9 months John implemented what he had been taught, in his shamanic work in his clinic in Copenhagen. John's spiritual love affair with the Scandinavian mountain wilderness began in 1977. John has a background as a craftsman. Since 1992, John has had a private shamanic practice in Copenhagen - Denmark. In the summer he practices in Sápmi (Lapland) in the Giron (Kiruna) area. John's shamanic activities are non-profit. Money that comes in on activities people pay for, are spent on activities people don't pay for.