Course in advanced Soul Retrieval

Only 2 participants

19 – 22 July 2018

Jänkänalusta in the wilderness in Sápmi/Lapland
20 km from Kiruna in Sverige

Taught in English and Swedish/Norwegian/Danish simultaneously

We humans have more than one soul. There seems to be agreement about this amongst many of the shamanic traditions. However, there can be different experiences as to how many souls a human being has.
In the shamanic tradition I belong to we say: a human, preferably, should have four souls. We sometimes call them:
The body soul
The journey soul
The destination soul
The shepherd soul

If some of the body soul is missing, a person may experience “physical like” symptoms. We sometimes call them “spirisomatic” symptoms.
If some of the journey (dream) soul is missing, people may have difficulty trance journeying (drum journeying), remembering their dreams, visualizing, and “seeing” their life-dreams/visions.
If some of the destination soul is missing, a person may have difficulty finding his way in life – have difficulty navigating life.
If some of the shepherd soul is missing, a person may have difficulty staying “whole.” The person may easily “disintegrate.” It is the shepherd soul's job to keep all the souls together.

“Seen” with shamanic eyes, the four souls look very different. The body soul has its aura, which people with aura-vision can see. The other three souls look completely different. The shaman must have four “eyes” to be able to see the four souls. In my shamanic tradition the shaman has eight eyes.

Some lost soul parts are in the spirit world (dream world, un-ordinary reality); and one way of finding them, is to trance travel to the spirit world – and, if all goes well, bring them back to the client.
However, most lost soul parts are in our physical world (ordinary reality); and one way of finding them, is to trance travel in this world – and, if all goes well, bring them back to the client.

We can lose a soul part, if we experience a traumatic event i.e. a chock or serious abuse. We can lose contact with a part of ourselves.
However, most of soul loss is caused by abusive behaviour we have subjected others to i.e. mobbing, selfishness, neglect, unkind actions etc.

Modern soul retrieval is based on fragmentation shamanism. That is to say, the soul is regarded as a cup that can lose a chip or a jigsaw puzzle that can lose a piece.
In the tradition I belong to, we also regard the soul as a fluid, a gas and a form of electricity and magnetism. Thus, we work with the soul in four different aspects.

Side effects and complications:

Wrong soul part
Contaminated soul part
Soul part rejection
Healing resistance
Involuntary soul flight
Spiritual infection
Lack of aftercare - preventing new soul loss (prophylactic shamanism)
Other kinds of loss i.e.: Dream loss and shadow loss
- and more.

On the course we will work with different types of soul retrieval healing; and we will work with the side effects and complications, witch may occur.

Like the body, the soul is designed to repair itself. If this does not happen, there is something wrong with the soul's self-repairing system. If you repair the soul's self-repairing system, the soul will begin to repair itself. This means, lost soul parts will begin to return by them selves naturally.

The course is for people who work professionally or semi- professionally with shamanic soul retrieval healing.

The course takes place in the middle of Lapland's magnificent wilderness nature, with a beautiful view of the snow clad mountains – and we will be outside collecting plants for shamanic “spirit medicine,” having a fire and drinking “boiled” coffee.

Venue: Sápmi/Lapland 20 km from Kiruna in Sweden
Date: 19 – 22 July 2018
Price: 400 € - 3.000 DKK – 3.800 SEK – 3.800 NOK incl. food
Registration: 100 € - 700 kr.
Remaining payment: 1 April 2018
Participants: 2
Contact: John Russell-Møller *