Seeking the vision

"It is up to you to determine who you really are!"

Vision Quest for 1 person

8 - 14 of July 2018

Jänkänalusta in the wilderness in Artic Sápmi/Lappland
20 km from Kiruna in Sweden

In English or Scandinavian

From the beginning of time, people have been sitting out in nature for the purpose of experiencing a revelation. For shorter or for longer periods, they have sat in desserts, on mountains, in forests, or in the wilderness, for the purpose of having a spiritual experience.
Often times a person will go into the wilderness to find his or her personal spiritual vocation. “How can I best serve my people?” To be useful to your fellow humans, and other fellow beings, is the foundation of the shamanic mindset and way of life.

We and our ancestors have lived in Scandinavia for over 10,000 years. Our ancestor's ancestors wandered to this place, over mountains and rivers, through valleys and forests, from a faraway place, and their history goes back more than 40.000 years. We each have a root that goes all the way back to that time. Through all of this time our foremothers and forefathers lived their lives based on nature-religion and shamanic sorcery – and we are more and more people who are doing so again.
Nature-religion is to believe, that everything in nature has soul and is sacred.

It is important to have direction in ones life. To have a clear perception of ones purpose in life. It is worth spending some time on. It's been said, that a man who has not got a cause, he is willing to die for - has nothing to live for.

A Vision Quest with me takes place in the wilderness in Lapland, and typically takes 7 days including arrival and departure days. You sit one, or a couple of days, Vision Questing alone; on a mountain, in the woods, by a lake or a river. If you've done it before, you may want to sit alone for longer. A Vision Quest with me must be negotiated four months in advance, and there is a preparation period of 4 to 12 weeks.
The purpose is not really about having a dramatic change in ones life, although it does happen to some. A Vision Quest can be very self confrontational. We will meet ourselves. We come to terms with our past - and 'see' into our future.

On my Vision Quests, the purpose is to get a life long spiritual vocation – a Mission. Perhaps it should really be called Mission Quest. Sometimes realizing your spiritual mission can be a lot of hard work. If you are not willing to realize your lifelong spiritual mission, you are better off not having one.

I only do Vision Quests one to one - one client and one shaman.
I only do spiritual Vision Quests - not psychotherapeutic quests.

To people who practice shamanism, one might say: that Vision Quest, leads us toward a permanent shamanic life journey. It provides a good perspective on, and good frame around, our lives and shamanic practices.

We know our way. We know what we want. It all becomes more clear and satisfactory. We are happier and feel more alive. We breathe. We dance. We soar. We live. We are still here!

Venue: Sápmi/Lapland 20 km from Kiruna in Sweden
Date: 8 - 14 of July 2018
Price: 8.000 Danish kroner DKK or 10.300 SEK - 10.060 NOK - 1.075 €
Registration fee: 1.000 kroner – 100 €
Remaining payment: 1 of April 2018
Participants: 1
Contact: John Russell-Møller *

I have 40 years wilderness experience

”The best magical words are those that come to you, when you are out alone amongst the mountains”!
Knud Rasmussen.